The Church of the Beer-factory Street

The Church of the Beer-factory Street

Our lovely little church, named for Saint George.

Liberty Statue

Liberty Statue

The Liberty Statue on the top of Gellért Hill, on a gloomy Saturday.
A monument for those who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom and democracy of Hungary.
Freedom…I really want to know what it means, to be free!

My dear plant from the kitchen

My dear plant from the kitchen

Usually I don’t give enough water to my plants, I still have issues with taking care of them. This one is fine without water for long, but somehow I watered it too much, and now I pray for it to survive. This picture is a nice memory of my dear plant form the kitchen, and I feel so sorry for it! 😦

A walk on a Saturday afternoon

A walk on a Saturday afternoon

Usually I don’t take pictures of people. I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t socialize so smoothly. I have to change it, and despite I find it easier to take pictures of the nature and different objects, I have to challenge myself by choosing new themes for my photos.

Here is the first picture, full of people moving down the street in Budapest. 🙂